Natural drinking water TM “SLAVYANOCHKA”

Natural drinking water of the highest category TM "Slavyanochka" — is a unique gift of the untouched nature of the Caucasus, obtained in especially protected ecological resort zone of Arkhyz.

Has the unique balanced structure which is perfectly suited for a human body.

The natural mineralization of water well influences all organs and systems, promotes improvement of organism activity.

Laboratory quality control and bottling on the modern hi-tech line guaranties permanently high quality of drinking water "Slavyanochka".

Natural drinking water of the highest category "Slavyanochka".

  • promotes immunity increase
  • helps to remove toxins
  • normalises work of digestive organs
  • promotes weight reduction
  • perfectly is suitable for maintenance of optimum water and mineral balance

Main ionic composition   

Anions: (mg/L)
hydrocarbonates 30–400
sulfates < 150
chlorides < 150
Cations: (mg/L)
calcium 25–80
magnesium 5–50
sodium + potassium 1000–1700
Specific components: H2SiO3 60–150
Mineralisation, g/l 0,2–0,5


  • 0,5 л. (exclusive glass);
  • 0,33 л.; 1 л.; (PET).
Natural drinking water SLAVYANOCHKA