Mineral natural curative-table carbonated drinking water Vtoro-Afonskaya Tselebnaya.

Obtained in the heart of Caucasian Mineral Waters region, on the territory of the Beshtaugorskiy reserve, in the former monastic garden of the Vtoro-Afonsky monastery, at 800 m altitude, from the depth of 1982 m (a well №79).

Water is saturated with a unique combination of the most rare microelement and salts.

The technology of transferring to the place of bottling by underground pipeline preserves all curative properties of water.

Unique medical properties of water are confirmed with researches of Pyatigorsk Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy.


  • gullet diseases;
  • chronic gastritis with the normal and increased secretory function of a stomach;
  • stomach ulcer and duodenal gut ulcer;
  • intestines diseases;
  • liver diseases, gall bladder and bile removing ways;
  • pancreas diseases;
  • violation of digestive organs after surgeries on a stomach ulcer; postcholecystectomy syndrome;
  • metabolism diseases: diabetes, obesity, violation of a salt and lipidic exchange;
  • diseases of urinary ways.

Main ionic composition   

Anions: (mg/L)
hydrocarbonates 1400–2300
sulfates 1000–1800
chlorides 400–800
Cations: (mg/L)
calcium 200–400
magnesium <100
sodium + potassium 1000–1700
Specific components: H2SiO3 60–150
Mineralisation, g/L 4,0–7,5


  • 0.5 l. (exclusive glass);
  • 0.33 l.; 1 l.; 1.5 l. (PET).
Slavyanochka mineral water